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**Apparatus Letter & Number Key**

Use this key for all files in the apparatus section.

Shop Numbers Prior to 1970

All apparatus were numbered consecutively according to the type of unit they were. When they were converted to another type they were re-numbered according to their new function.  This list incorporates the use of letters to distinguish the different apparatus types.  The following is a list of the letter symbols used:

AC Air Compressor Truck N Acquired from Navy
BT Fire Boat Tender PC Pollution Control Unit
C Double Combination Pumper RS  Rescue Squad
CC Command & Communications Unit SA Salvage Unit
CE Chemical Engine SS Service Squad
CF Coffee Wagon TC  Triple Combination Pumper
CW Combination Chemical-Hose Wagon TR  Motorized Tractor
FL  Fuel Unit TR/LT Ladder Truck Tractor & Trailer, purchased as one unit
FW Foam Wagon TT Tow Truck
HP High Pressure Fire Hydrant Service Truck TW Tank Wagon
HT  Hose Tender UP  Underwriters' Fire Patrol Salvage Unit
LT   Ladder Truck Trailer WT Water Tower
LW Searchlight Engine    

1970: The Three-Digit Numbering System
Placed into Service as follows:

500's Engines 800's all other Fire Fighting Apparatus
600's Ladder Truck Tractors 900's Service Trucks
700's Ladder Truck Trailers    
When the highest number (99) is reached in each group, the next number assigned reverts to (01). When an apparatus is converted to a different type it retains its original Shop Number.
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