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Protection Company Hose Cart
Circa 1850, a hand pulled hose cart


Builder: Unknown. (Most likely built in San Francisco)

Location: Museum

Condition; Fair, restored

This hose cart could carry about 240 feet of hose.  The early standard length of hose during the 1850's was 40 feet.  The hose was heavy, bulky, and more than likely made of buffalo skin held in a hose shape with brass rivets.

Cotton woven hose and later cotton woven rubber lined hose, which was somewhat flexible, did not come into existence until the advent of the steam engine.  The pressure produced by the steam engines was far too great for the buffalo hose and caused it to split.

In 1979 the hose cart was restored at the California Correctional Institute at Tehachapi under the direction of Fire Chief Martin Lindeboom.  The paint was stripped and the new blue and yellow colors of the Protection Engine applied.

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