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Report of Police Department,
Showing Property Lost in the Earthquake and Fire of April 18, 1906

The Hall of Justice, located at the corner of Kearny and Washington streets, was totally destroyed, and with it the Department lost all its headquarters paraphernalia, including that of Company A, amounting in the aggregate to $145,563, which does not include losses sustained by individual members of the Department or that of persons whose property had been taken from them when arrested and was at the time in the vaults of the Property Clerk.

The Southern Station and Stable, located at the corner of Fourth and Clara streets, were destroyed, and with them all police equipment, valued at $43,859.

The Harbor Station and Stable, situated at the corner of Commercial and Drumm streets, were also destroyed with their contents, valued at $23,015.

The Mission Station and Stable, at Seventeenth and Division streets, were damaged to the extent of $30,000.

The City Hall Station and Prison, located in the basement of the northwest wing of the City Hall, were destroyed, and with them about $4,500 worth of police property belonging to the City.

The North End Station, situated at 1712 Washington street, was destroyed, and with it police property of the City valued at $3,370.
Source: 1907 Municipal Report, Appendix, page 702

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