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Gold Hydrant

1906 Earthquake & Fire Commemoration at the Gold Hydrant – “103 Years After”

Paul Barry, organizer, SFFD Historical Society

On April 19th, 1906, this hydrant, now known as THE LITTLE GIANT, was found to have water. A hose lead was made, and the water supply from this hydrant has been credited with stopping the conflagration from advancing any further into the Mission district. In previous years, Chief of the San Francisco Fire Department, Joanne Hayes-White began the annual hydrant painting. Everyone present will be invited to join in with the painting of this famous hydrant.

*Please Note: The start time of this event coincides with the Lotta's Fountain ceremonies. As the SFFD is involved in both events, should the fountain ceremonies extend longer than planned, the Gold Hydrant painting ceremony will begin later than the scheduled 7:00 AM.

When: April 18, 2009 - 7:00 AM

Where: Gold Hydrant, 20th & Church Streets

Relevance: A traditional 1906 Earthquake and Fire commemoration ceremony, happening annually for more than 35 years.

Audience: General public

Contact: For more information, contact: Paul Barry, SFFD, 415-706-7994

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Photo 11
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Photo 9
1906 survivors painting the Gold Hydrant
Photo 4
Photo 8
The apparatus in the background is Hose Tender No. 8
1930's Chief of Police car
Photo 5
Photo 6
Society directors Jack McCloskey and Donna Ewald Huggins at "The Little Giant" hydrant, 20th and Church Streets.
The gold hydrant is not located on a cable car line. The cable car in the background is motorized.
Jack McCloskey wearing the helmet with 1 on the shield with Donna Ewald Huggins as Lilly Hitchcock Coit.
Photo 1
Photo 7
Past Event Photos:
Chief Painting Hydrant
SFFD Chief Joanne Hayes-White
Donna Painting Hydrant
Donna Ewald Huggins, SFFD Historical Society Director
Cora Painting Hydrant
Cora Lucetti
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