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Great Fires: 1906 Great Earthquake & Fire

The Great Earthquake & Fire
San Francisco
5:12.06 AM
April 18, 1906
No Alarm Struck
Our 1906 Great Earthquake & Fire Report

The history committee of the GOTC has been researching the actions of the department companies during The Great Earthquake and Fire. Using the fire reports that were submitted by some of the officers, the committee has reviewed and made a timeline of the companies' actions, the water sources they used, the rescues, and the hardships they endured during the four days of The Fire.

There were 584 firemen in the department on April 17, 1906. Near midnight on April 17th, a 2nd alarm of fire occurred at a Cannery Building at Francisco and Mason Streets. Most of the downtown companies were called to this fire, and they did not return to their quarters until about 3:00 AM.

We are constantly seeking new information about the 1906 Fire as only a few officers submitted reports after The Fire. Any additional material that you might have would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us if you have any further information.

Thank you in advance.

The Index To Our Reports

April 18th - 21st - Actions of The Fire Department

Fire Department Officers' Reports

City & National Reports

Newspaper Articles
  • San Francisco Call Articles
    • Great Fire Stopped At City Front
    • Fire Chief Succumbs To Injuries
    • Funeral of Fire Chief
    • Chief Sullivan's Remains Interred With Honors
    • Brave Firemen Die Martyrs
    • One Hundred Men Missing From Fire Department
    • Firemen Will Get Their Pay Monday Out Of Treasury
    • New Corporation Yard Location
    • Brave Fire Fighters Receive Their Wages
    • Help The Fire Department
    • Chief Sullivan's Friends Say He Expected Quake
    • Dynamite Used To Raze Walls
    • Substitute Firemen Are Dropped From The Rolls
    • Exempt Hall Relics Are Destroyed
    • Relics of '49 Wiped Out
    • Fire Commissioners' Strong Box Is Opened
    • What We Have Already Accomplished
    • Ask A Voice In Selection Of A New Fire Chief
    • Will Lop Off $1,500,000
    • Chiefs Widow Gets Pension
    • 1500 Hydrants Were Destroyed
    • Naval Officer Praises - Battalion Chief Murphy
    • Requiem Mass For Dead Chief
    • Month's Mind Mass Said

  • Los Angeles Herald Articles
    • Part One  (Includes the titles below)
      • Think Guests Left Hotels In Safety
      • Thousands Die By Fire And Earthquake Shock
      • Street Scenes Are Beyond All Description San Francisco Is Devastated
      • Impossible To Paint Picture
      • Death And Ruin In Awful Form Reign In City
      • Governor Pardee Proves Untiring In His Efforts
      • Relatively Small Life Loss
      • An Insurance Tangle
      • Want Extra Session Called At Once
      • Has Wild Ride to Wife's Side
      • Treasury Burns; Gold Is Intact
      • Wild Rumors Of Other Disasters Were Circulated
      • Flames Threaten Ferry Building
      • Dante's "Inferno" Acted In Reality, Says Eye-Witness Describes In Detail Awful Scenes
    • Part Two  (Includes the titles below)
      • World-Famous Cliff House Safe Gas Explosions Add To Horror
      • Saw City Rise To Greatness But Fall In Ruins
      • A Greater San Francisco
      • Plan To Help Stricken City
      • Many Chinese Are Homeless
      • Red Cross Society To The Rescue
      • No Contagious Diseases In San Francisco
      • No More Relief Bodies Desired
      • Eighteen Babes Born On Sunday
      • City Mourns Death Of Fire Chief
      • Street Car Service Is Now Enjoyed In Stricken City
      • Several Hundred Bodies Cremated
      • Mint To Furnish Money To Banks
      • Modern Building To Rise From City's Ruin


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